Oil Change

An oil change is not complicated but failing to have it done can cause some serious problems. Motor oil starts breaking down the moment a vehicle is started. The quality of oil used and its additives keep the rate at which the oil breaks down at reasonable limits. Still, standard petroleum oil will break down past acceptable limits over time. It is for this reason that periodic oil changes are necessary.

If oil changes are not done periodically, serious problems can arise.
The most common are:

  • Excessive engine wear since the moving parts are not lubricated which reduces its lifespan.
  • Engine corrosion which occurs when the oil breaks down and the chemicals in it react with oxygen, acids that form heat and corrosive compounds. These compounds react with metals in the engine to cause a lot of wear.
  • Clogging occurs from the sludge and varnish that builds up on the inner parts of the engine. Clogging interferes with important clearances between these inner parts and also increases oil consumption. It also causes valves to stick and pistons to seize.
  • Poor car performance resulting from reduced oil pressure and less oil reaching the engine. If an oil change is not done, the flow of oil can be blocked completely. Oil that has broken down can also cause an engine to run rough and hot which decreases overall engine power.
  • Thermal break down is a process that occurs when the heat of an engine weakens the thickness of the oil. Old oil loses thickness and is no longer able to protect the inner moving parts of an engine. The thin oil slips past seals and rings and burns in the combustion chamber. This is why exhausts start smoking and oil consumption is increased.

Why have it done at the dealership?

An oil change is simple enough for a car owner to do themselves. However, in most cases it’s forgotten or put off until problems develop. The fact is that regular scheduled oil changes are the single most important service needed by a car. Scheduling means the service will always be done at intervals without fail which will prolong engine life and ensure your car performs optimally.

Costs are also reduced as there will be enough oil of the right consistency, quantity and of high quality to lubricate and protect moving internal engine parts and prevent corrosion. Another advantage of having an oil change done at a dealership is that other problems can be caught and worked on before they get seriously damaged and before your car becomes a safety hazard to you and other road users.

A dealership will also have trained and experienced auto technicians who can recommend the best oil for your car. Different car brands and models need different types of oil. You may be doing your own oil change at home and on time every time but you may not be using the best oil for your particular kind of car.

Why have it done at Cavalier Ford Chesapeake Square?

Cavalier Ford Chesapeake Square is the leading Ford dealership serving residents of Portsmouth. It is conveniently located just ten minutes from downtown on 4021 Portsmouth Boulevard, Chesapeake, VA 233321.

Your oil change will be done with right oil for your vehicle. For instance, Ford manufacturers indicate that an oil change needs to be done every 7,500 miles or after six months for Ford models made in 2008 and later. Those that came out in 2007 and earlier need an oil change after every 5,000 miles or after six months. Most DIY oil changers don’t have this information or adhere to it. Our friendly service department staff is always willing to help no matter what the issue is.


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