Declutter for the New Year

A new year is here and you’re ready to take control of your life. It’s a widely known fact that an organized home leads to an organized life, or at least that’s what our mothers have always told us. But in reality, it’s possible that that actually is a fact. Humans are sensory beings; we continue to take in information whether it’s relevant or not, as a necessary survival tactic. Whether that information is a lion ready to spring from the grasses or the overflowing stack of books in your home in Suffolk or Portsmouth, your brain takes in information from your surroundings. It follows, then, that de-cluttering gives your brain less information to process because there’s less stuff to process and allows you to better focus on more important things. In this article, we’re going to help you figure out how to de-clutter for the New Year. There are many ways to de-clutter, so we’re going to dip into ways to de-clutter your house, your schedule, and your mind.

De-clutter your House

It’s great to not be wasteful and hang on to things you might need in the future. But it’s not great to be so bogged down by all of the stuff you might need and have to waste your time going through all of that stuff to get to something you actually do need. For example, garages are meant to house cars and other means of active transportation. Garages are not meant to hold ten boxes of Christmas decorations you will only pull out once a year, five boxes of baby clothes you keep meaning to take to your niece, and eight boxes of stuff you haven’t had time to go through. Get rid of it. If you haven’t needed it in the past year, you don’t need it now. Donate it to the closest place you can in Suffolk or Portsmouth. All of it. Make sure there isn’t anything you really, truly need to keep and then get rid of the rest. Seriously, you don’t need all of those mementos, and neither do your kids, grandkids, cousins, or anyone else.

De-clutter your Schedule

Is there something you really want to do, to be, to learn? The only way you’re going to get there is to take the time to take out all of the extras that you really don’t need. Do you spend a chunk of time every day doing something that doesn’t contribute to your happiness? These aren’t necessities like walking the dog or getting done your housework, but extras like having a Netflix marathon or playing video games for hours. Unless you’re planning to be a movie, TV, or video game critic, these things are not contributing to your happiness. Stop wasting your time with diversions and start spending your time investing in your dreams. Your life is not just going to show up and be what you want it to be. You have to go out there and make it happen. Take control so you can be proud of all that you’ve accomplished.

How to Declutter for the New Year

De-clutter your Mind

When you take control of your life, you earn the supreme reward of spending your life the way you want. Keeping all of those things you don’t really need and spending your time on things that aren’t contributing to your lifelong happiness, isn’t contributing to living the life you want to live. Take the time to invest in yourself, invest in the life you want to live, and invest in a clear mind so you can truly focus on your future. De-cluttering doesn’t happen in a day, it’s not supposed to. But if you take the time to do it little-by-little in the places that mean the most, you’ll start to see the big changes it can make. Each thing that you own, each activity that owns your schedule, each person in your life is an attachment to something other than yourself. With so many attachments, you can feel as though you’re being pulled by strings and there’s no way to break free. You just have to decide to let the strings go, one by one, and before you know it, you’ll be free as a bird to do and be who and what you want to be. Cavalier Ford Chesapeake Square would like to wish you and your family a happy new year. If you’d like to start the New Year off right with a new 2015 Ford model, stop by today and we will schedule you for a test drive.

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