Ford Winter Car Care Tips

The stress and strain that is placed on cars during the winter season is enormous. Simply starting a car in winter conditions is a challenge for many drivers. However, winter does not have to be a source of potential car problems. There are several tips that can help keep any car running properly during the winter season and prevent the chance of being stranded. Your local Ford Service Department says three of the most important tips are:

  1. Inspect the tires
  2. Check the batteryFord Winter Car Care Chesapeake VA
  3. Check the filters

Inspect The Tires

One of the most common and most dangerous problems that drivers have concerning cars is a blown tire. A tire that blows when a car is going at a high rate of speed can cause a serious accident. The reason why cold weather has an effect on car tires is because as the temperature drops it causes tires to lose air pressure. The loss of air pressure makes it harder for tires to grip the road, especially if there is snow, ice, or other winter conditions.

Check The Battery

A car battery goes through tremendous stress during the winter season. The cold weather forces the battery to use additional power to start during cold conditions. A battery that is somewhat weak will have a tough time performing during the winter season and could possibly give out completely.

Check The Filters

Car filters are an important aspect to a properly running car. The filters need to be clean so that they can operate properly. A dirty fuel filter, PCV filter, or air filter can cause engine issues such as difficult starts, frequent stalling, or tough idling. Moreover, during the winter season, these issues become more of a problem because cold weather forces a car to work harder, which places even more strain on the engine.

For people in or near Chesapeake, VA or Portsmouth, VA, if your car needs to be checked to make sure that it is ready for the winter season, take a few moments to bring your car to the Cavalier Ford Chesapeake Square dealership. Professional, courteous, and friendly car care is what you will find at the Cavalier Ford Chesapeake Square dealership. We are here to meet the needs of all of our customers.

Visit your local Ford Service department at 4021 Portsmouth Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23321.

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